Christ Community/West Oak Adoption FAQ

How did this all come about?

In August of this year, an initial conversation was had with Pastor Ken just to see how the church was doing and how things were going. Christ Community Church has had a part in doing ministry over at West Oak for many years with organizations like Hope Clinic and My Refuge. Pastor Ken and his family were a part of Christ Community Church several years ago before he became the pastor at West Oak.

In September, Pastor Jason Petermann and Pastor Ken Peace sat to talk about what it would look like if our two churches would work together to accomplish greater ministry to the West Side of our city. Out of that conversation came the plan for Christ Community Church to adopt West Oak as a campus of Christ Community Church. Since that meeting, Pastor Jason and Pastor Ken have prayed together, sought counsel, and had many conversations that have brought them to this point of believing this is God’s plan for our churches.

What are the benefits of this “adoption”?

Simply put, we believe that we are better together than what we could be apart. Each ministry is committed to the authority of Scripture. Both desire to see friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family reached with the Gospel of Jesus. There are incredibly gifted and passionate volunteers and lay leaders in both locations who desire to see vibrant churches in their communities. Both churches agree that our city needs a growing and thriving church on the west side. Both churches have a desire to meet the needs of our entire city, which includes the people of the Oak Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

There are several benefits for West Oak in this adoption. The greatest benefit is the leadership that has proven itself in the ministry of Christ Community. We believe Christ Community’s leadership, vision, implementation, systems and structures will enhance and maximize the impact of the ministry of West Oak and the surrounding community.

We believe that coming together, and having a campus on the west side of town gives us the greatest opportunity to expand the Kingdom of God there and in the rest of Bartlesville. We believe that having a visible, constant presence is necessary to reach the west side of our community.

Who will be the Lead Pastor?

Pastor Jason Petermann will be the Lead Pastor of both campuses. We will be ONE CHURCH, whose mission is to love and lead people to take next steps to find and follow Jesus.

What will happen to Pastor Ken?

Pastor Ken Peace will come on to the staff of Christ Community Church. Pastor Ken has a great reputation, a large presence in the community, and leads a strong ministry that will work with us to build our Oak Park campus. He will continue to have a presence at the Oak Park campus as well as be with us on the main campus. He will be on the preaching team and lead a Life Group at the new campus.

What remains the same?

For Christ Community Church, we will continue to to experience the same loving spirit and welcoming atmosphere. We will continue to be a safe place for people to explore spiritual things, as well as feeling like they belong the moment they come onto our campus. We will continue to experience vibrant weekend services that are focused on God’s Word. We will continue to build relationships with one another through Life Groups and serving. Simply put, our ministries will continue to love and lead people to take next steps to find and follow Jesus.

At the Oak Park campus, the location, family feel, and loving care for one another will be something that we will hold on to as we reach out into the community to share the Gospel. The people of West Oak have a love for their community, and a desire to see people put their faith and trust in Jesus. This will serve as a great foundation of ministry as we continue the mission of West Oak under new leadership and direction.

What is going to change?

There will be some things that you will notice immediately. West Oak will adopt the name of Christ Community Church - Oak Park Campus. They will also adopt as the mission, vision and values that we hold to at Christ Community Church. There will be some work done on the Oak Park campus to help accommodate some of the ministry needs of the campus.

As we begin this campus, we have set up a tentative schedule for our preaching team during the first year. Pastor Jason will be preaching live at the new campus once a month. Other Sundays during the month will be filled by one of our other pastors and video as necessary.

Will we have some of current attenders go to the Oak Park campus?

Yes. We will intentionally have some of our leaders and volunteers in services at the Oak Park campus every week so that we can infuse it with our DNA and ministry experience. This will include having some of our staff over there each week as well.

Is this “one church--multisite” a risky new approach? Does it work?

Since the 1990s more than five thousand churches have pioneered this concept. Studies show that 90 percent of all multisite ventures are successful. God is blessing this movement within US churches. We have had the benefit of being able to talk to, and be coached by, some great leaders and churches who have successfully done these mergers.

Adoptions are also becoming increasingly more common. Every year, between 3,000 and 4,000 churches close their doors. Their buildings either sit empty, or are purchased and transformed into something else. How great is it that a church can gift its property and assets to another church to continue the mission that God originally started in that church, rather than for it to close its doors!

How will this impact us financially as a church?

There is no doubt, this will incur some added expenses to Christ Community Church. At this moment, West Oak is not able to make ends meet on just their Sunday tithes and offerings. They do have savings that they are drawing from to make ends meet. God is good and has provided for them! We estimate the costs without using West Oak's savings to cover the shortfall will be between $800-$1000 a month for us. This is a small cost to have a building and property to do ministry on the west side of our community.

In September, we laid out the 20/20 Vision for our church. One of the things we believed God was leading us to do was to plant a church the west side of town. We all firmly believe that there needs to be a physical presence for a church to make a big difference. It would have cost us quite a bit more to find a place to rent and to start from the ground up. God has graciously provided this opportunity for us!

This is a huge reason for paying off the mortgage of our current property as well. It will free up several thousand dollars for expanded ministry here in our community and around the world!

What are the next steps for this process of adoption?

On December 30th, 2018, West Oak unanimously voted to this merger. To comply with their by-laws, they will have a final vote in March 2019 to complete the adoption on their end.

For Christ Community, we will have another family chat for a Q&A time on January 6that 5PM. We will tentatively then have a vote on the adoption on January 13th after the 11AM service.

There are no dates set for anything else at this time. Since West Oak has to wait until March 2019 to finalize their vote, we will work on the timeline for launch of the new campus in January/February of 2019.

What should I do now?

First and foremost pray for West Oak Baptist Church and Christ Community Church. Change is coming to West Oak and change can sometimes be a challenge. We ask that you do the following:

  • Celebrate the wonderful opportunity God has presented to our churches. We truly will be better together.
  • Pray for the leadership and staff as they work out the details of a possible adoption.
  • Explore the possibilities with Christ Community by attending weekend worship services and family chats regarding the adoption.
  • Seek God’s will for the future of these churches and its impact on His Kingdom.

If I have additional questions, who can I ask?

You can ask any member of the Leadership Team or Pastor Jason.

You can reach Pastor Jason by email at

You can also call him at the church office at (918) 331-9376.