Life Groups

Life Groups are groups of 8-18 people that get together for about an hour and a half each week around Bartlesville to have fun, meet new people, and grow spiritually through Bible study. We believe that life was not meant to be done alone. We are better together!

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We believe...

One of the best places to connect and make new godly friends are in Life Groups. They are designed to help you grow and take next steps in your relationship with God. The truth is, all of us are designed to live in community.

We have various groups, from young adults, women's, married with teens, to any life stage you can imagine! Connect with us below, and we'd love help you find what you're looking for!

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How long are Life Groups?

Life Groups at Christ Community are about 3-4 months long each Spring and Fall semester. We take a week off for Spring and Fall break, and are typically done right after the end of April and November. We recognize that there are natural rhythms and seasons we follow. Spiritual growth flourishes in periods of concentrated immersion followed by periods of reflection. After 3-4 months of Life Groups in the Spring and Fall semester, we pick back up as kiddos start school in August and January.

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